Anyone who works only for himself, suffers. Working for others, people shared their joy with them.

I. Goethe

Joint Stock Company Engineering Center of Nuclear Containers (JSC ECNC) was established in 2004 with the purpose of design, manufacture and supply packages for transportation and storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF), as well as conditioned radioactive waste streams.

Since the moment of its establishment the company's Headqaurters are located at the territory of the Kurchatov Institute.  The company also has two branch Offices in Saint-Petersburg and Obninsk city.

In the period from 2004 a few projects were realized, including: A reburn system for nuclear fuel; development of TUK for irradiated SNF; development of protective containers for storage of high burn-up SNF of VVER-440 reactor units; etc. Dozen projects were accomlished for the interest of Rosenergoatom utility, SCC, VNIPIET, Ignalinskaya NPP, Beloyarskaya NPP, etc.

Over the past several years the company has been actively presented at the market of design and manufacture of special-purpose radioachemical equipment for SNF and radioactive waste streams processing (Polyfunctional radioachemical complex, simulating of radioactive waste disposal, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, etc.).

JSC ECNC has a good international reputation, having implemented projects and working at such markets as Europe, China, South Africa, etc. Among partners one should name, but not limited to Siempelkamp, PacTec, Nukem Technologies, Fluor and others. 

More than 70 high-qualified personnel are operating in the organization, 15 of them posses scientific grades (PhD).

The company has obtained all licenses from the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of RF that permit to implement work associated with design, manufacture and supply of special-purpose equipment to nuclear industry customers in Russia. 

JSC ECNC also possesses ISO 9001 and TUV qulaity assurance certificates.

The company is a member of World Nuclear Transport Institute and Nuclear Facility Decommissioning Association (AVERO).


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